Planned dissertation projects:

K1: Talk to me – the hearing aid as an analysis tool: assessment of cognitive resources through incidental speech analysis

Supervision: Schultz / Zieschang

K2: Simply participate – effects of networked assistance on social and cognitive health of care-dependent people

Supervision: Wolf-Ostermann / Schweda

K3: Networked assistance and value pluralism: User perspectives of technical assistance systems in the context of cognitive impairments

Supervision: Schweda / Hein

M1: Iterative model refinement and calibration through the fusion of data from ambient and near-ear sensors

Supervision: Hein / Zieschang

M2: Sensor technology close to the ear as a new approach diagnosing and treating Parkinson’s disease

Supervision: Witt / Hein

M3: Detection of critical situations in elderly people at risk of falling

Supervision: Zieschang / Kollmeier

M4: Approaches to participatory technology development and health services research for the development of technical assistance systems

Supervision: Brütt / Witt

P1: Show me your ear and I’ll tell you how you’re doing: Ear-level Biosensor technology and its application for networked technical assistance systems

Supervision: Kollmeier / Wolf-Ostermann

P2: EEG analysis for the assessment of auditory attention during hearing

Supervision: Li / Radeloff

P3: Detection of dysphagia and aspiration using hearing aid sensors

Supervision: Radeloff / Schultz

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